Over many years, as I am now in the later stages of life, I have looked at many psychic offerings and efforts to accurately portray spiritual guidance. In the quest for spiritual truth, I have found my search for spiritual understanding has always led me back to numerology.

Numerology dates back to the time of Pythagoras, circa 532 BC. Pythagoras is the founding father of numerology and started a university that taught the “Science of Math.” Many psychics and numerologists read from literature drawn from the days of Pythagoras. “Know thyself.”

Most numerologists focus on an understanding of the individual as a being unto themselves. I have chosen to focus spiritually on reading couples together as one, as this is a question that I have been asked repeatedly over the years. My influence in numerology has come from the spiritual work of Faith Javane, other numerologists; and my own psychic experience. I hope you enjoy your spiritual exploration here with me.