Affiliate FAQs

What is an Affiliate?
Affiliates are revenue-earning partners to Lifepath4Couples. 

How does the Affiliate earn revenue?
Affiliates earn commission by placing a link on their own website to direct consumers to Lifepath4Couples.  The link could be the text of the Affiliates registered link (or desired text of the Affiliate). The registered link can also be invoked from a banner or button containing the Affiliates link.

How can Affiliates sign up?
You can sign-up to become an Affiliate on the website. You will need a Paypal account when you sign up so that we can pay you.

What is the commission?
Lifepath4Couples pays the affiliate 20% commission for sales driven from their own website to Lifepath4Couples. A Full Lifepath reading is priced at $4.99. The cost of this reading with a psychic /numerologist runs between $30 and $100, depending on what they find. The 20% commission is $1.00 (based on the $4.99 pricing).

Can Affiliates use Lifepath4Couples with their own clients
Affiliates, that are spiritual advisors, can use to read for their own clients if they so choose and remain eligible for commission on those readings. Minerva can do multiple readings in a session providing the site remains open in their browser.

What is the minimum commission payout?
Minimum commission payout is $25. The Affiliate needs to accumulate $25 in commission before they are paid through Paypal.

Are commissions earned on any Lifepath4Couples reading?
No. Commissions are ONLY paid for Full Lifepath Readings on

Can Affiliates purchase and use the images found on Lifepath4Couples?
The Minerva Jamison Image Collection sales are non-commissioned items that are sold and fulfilled by a third party, Stan Pechner, through

Why become an Affiliate?
Earn a little extra money. If you are a spiritual advisor, Minerva’s readings can provide added confirmation to your readings.

How do people access the Affiliate?
The Affiliate Royale software allows the Affiliate to select a link or banner for their site. It will also track your sales and commissions. Simple, intuitive and easy to use.

General FAQs

Who owns Lifepath4Couples? is solely owned by Minerva Jamison LLC in California.

How accurate are the readings?
Numerology is an ancient artform and the readings are based on this mathematical science. However, numerology is meant for fun and should be taken as fun. Lifepath4Couples is not liable or responsible for any decisions or actions taken by a reader.

What is Numerology?
Numerology dates back to 530BC and Pythagoras (the founder of numerology). Pythagoras believed that numbers gave order to the universe as well as explained the lifepath of individuals.

What goes into a Lifepath4Couples reading?
Minerva looks at birthdates and works special algorithms around the dates to produce the readings.

What is part of the Free Reading?
The Free reading looks at a combination of numbers in the birthdates and adds them together to produce a simple reading of the couple as one common number. Minerva also looks for “special” numbers including 1) Divine 2) Master and 3) Karmic.

What’s a Full Lifepath?
The Full Lifepath Reading, looks at the full lifepath of each individual separately and then provides a reading of the couple together as individuals. This is really powerful and very unique to Minerva.

Can Minerva be contacted?
You can reach Minerva by email from the “Contact” menu selection.