My Spiritual Findings for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks
7 / 9 / 1956 -> Lifepath 37
King of Cups
As a 37/1, you are a mature individual that is generally reserved and exudes a calmness that puts those around you at ease. You are kind with many generous qualities that draws people close to you. You also possess a militant nature that comes forth when your friends or family are threatened. Many 37s remain unmarried, but still have a desire and need for a nice home to secure future happiness. Business and religion are both attractive prospects for you. You have a nurturing quality and possess an expansive philosophy. Travel intrigues you, and you may find yourself in oversees government activities – perhaps as an ambassador or military leader as those around you trust your purpose. If you are a negative 37, you may react violently if you personally are threatened or pushed. However, this is not generally the case as your vibration is a positive one that allows you to live a calm and happy life.

Rita Wilson
10/26/1956 -> Lifepath 57
As a 57/3, you are strongly independent and carry progressive views, primarily around humanitarian interests. You are highly dependable and serious regarding matters caused by adversity. Your overall vibration is positive. Acting and the arts may attract you as they allow you to existentially depart from the strife of the challenges typical of life. You will need to set aside your seriousness and develop a sense of humor to more gracefully get through life with a balance of the conscious and unconscious. Your moods can fluxuate greatly and those around you will need to really get to know you to see the amazing artist that you are as a human being. You have an understanding heart and wish only well-being to those around you. This is the humanitarian side of your being and it reaches all. If you become a negative 57, you may become bitter, depressed and choose to separate yourself from those around you. Loneliness would follow this path. Stay positive and work to control your mood swings to stay in balance.

Your Lifepath Together Based On The Full Readings Above
One of you is a strong forward-looking leader and enjoys taking initiative. The other has a lot of character and charm and brings a greater level of creativity and expanded thinking to the relationship. This is a powerful loving combination that creates intense passion. It’s obvious to friends and loved ones that you care deeply for each other. There can be a great amount of happiness in the relationship but be cautious because one of you tends to be impulsive and the other often lacks focus. This variable dynamic in this relationship may scatter energy necessary for long-term balance. However, combining talents will likely balance the relationship and bring success to the couple.

Positive vibe: Passion, balanced life view, caring, creative and successful.
Negative vibe: It may be difficult at times to problem solve together due to a loss of inertia encountered by both partners at the same time.